We are Mixer - a curated network for startup-minded people and organisations to collaborate and innovate better together. 

As a Corporate you will be able to:
1. Monitor emerging technologies 
2. Get matched to vetted service partners and experts 
3.  Search for startups based on 40+ data points including use-cases 
4. Search for people in the network
5. Access private events  
6. Access member rewards
7. Access industry watchlists, on-demand research, and startup landscapes
8. Get introduced to startups based on requirements
9. Build and share private company lists
10. Keep track of conversations with startups

We keep the network curated, to keep the network useful.
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We take referrals seriously.

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We want to ensure you will get the best of the network.

If you don't hear back, please call the police because something has gone incredibly wrong. 

You can always email David (david@mixernetwork.com)

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